We're a marketing company that believes in the power of meaningful and purposeful relationships.

Our mission

Our mission is to truly empower and enable ethical businesses to achieve more, through digital marketing tools and training that work.

We live and breathe marketing here at Bula Marketer and love the fact we get to work so closely with ambitious entrepreneurs and independent businesses every day. With a passion for supporting the underdogs, we aim to even the playing field and ensure every business has the tools and knowledge to grow thriving online communities.

By doing this, we hope we can help ethical businesses have more impact in the world.

Our vision

To help over 10,000 ethically-driven businesses get seen by more customers, engage existing customers and have more impact in the world.

Our story

Bula Marketer was born out of a necessity to create a marketing company with a higher purpose. We felt most marketing/brand/web agencies were failing to truly help independent businesses take advantage of modern technology and proven marketing strategies.

The word “Bula” comes from Fiji. Although any travel guide will say it means “hello”, talk to anyone from Fiji, and they’ll tell you it means so much more. It is a word that reflects the Fijian approach to community. Bula is a word that is deep rooted in Fijian culture and signifies a strong bond between one another. Bula is a plea for a meaningful relationships. It’s a plea for developing real community spirit. And it’s something we feel is missing in digital marketing.

The Bula Marketer team spent many years living and working in Fiji, and we can certainly say that we have been deeply inspired by Fiji. The business is now fully remote but maintains this Fijian approach to community.

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We’re very excited to launch a new platform for small businesses, designed to help build online communities and memberships easier than ever before…