Content Marketing That Gets Results

Content marketing is about telling your story with those who share your values.

Content marketing can often come across as a trendy buzz word. Everyone is talking about it, but what does it actually mean? Content marketing is simply adding a bit of strategy behind the content you are creating. Content is everything from blog posts, social media posts, emails, landing pages, homepage copy, and pretty much anything you put online.

Wow, that’s a lot of stuff! And that’s the problem with content marketing – it takes time.

But that’s our biggest advantage. We understand how to create content that converts and how to create this at scale. Every business owner thinks they’ll blog every week, thinks they’ll have time to add new content to their Facebook page every day, but guess what happens? Nothing. So imagine that competitive advantage, when we start to create content calendars that strategically schedule in content that engages all areas of the sales funnel and has your target audience’s attention. Yep, we win.

Don’t spread yourself too thin and commit to creating content that you simply don’t have time to do. Let a professional team of writers do this for you. We know how to write copy that sells, know how to write emails that get opened, know how to write blog posts that get ranked highly in search engines, and know how to to write to engage your online tribe.

How we Approach Content Marketing

We help create ideas and implement content for every stage of the sales funnel. Content is more than just written text. Its how people perceive your brand. Tone of voice, copy, images, videos, design, all impact your customers and its about time you focused on making this a priority.

Top of the Funnel – we out-teach your competition and position you as an authority in your industry.
Middle of the Funnel – We engage with your tribe, show them you care, and answer questions.
Bottom of the Funnel – We use consumer psychology and proven content strategies to convert website visitors into customers.

This content is then strategically placed on your site, social media, and emails, to create lots of touch points with your customers.

All our content is created with love in the UK – no outsourcing or accepting anything but the best.

Content Promotion

“If a tree falls in the woods and noone hears it, does it make a sound?” Well, if that’s true, what happens if you create content and noone reads it, does it make it redundant? Unfortunately, it does. So that’s where we step in. We’ve got a content promotion strategy that ensures your target audience will find and consume devour your content.

From idea, to creation, to promotion, leave your content marketing with us.