How to Gamify Your Customer Journey to Sky Rocket Sales

Are you boring your customers?

Are those blog posts, social media updates, emails and other marketing activities you’ve been trying your hand at, actually providing you with an ROI?

Are you simply churning out boring content that joins the millions of blog posts and social media updates bombarding your audience’s attention that never get read or viewed?

Unfortunately this is the case for so many businesses.

Creating content is one thing, but creating content that your community and customers actually enjoy is a whole other kettle of fish.

Content marketing isn’t about writing long blog posts – it’s about finding a way to engage with your audience at various stages in the sales funnel. You need some content that is informational. You need some content that is transactional. You need some content that illustrates your mission and cause. And you need some content that nurtures and entertains customers on their journey with your brand.

The good news is that after analysing hundreds upon hundreds of digital marketing campaigns for our clients, we’ve come up with a nifty solution that’ll make it easier than ever to successfully engage your audience during the customer journey.

We’ve seen this implemented to successfully turn prospects into paying customers as well as turning first time buyers into loyal repeat customers.

Gamification of Digital Marketing and Sales for Business Growth

The premise is simple – it’s about using rewards and storytelling to encourage your customers to engage with your brand again and again.

And everyone likes games, right?


Too many businesses focus on the acquisition of customers and investing heavily in aggressive sales, and forget that great businesses are built through community engagement and referrals. Ensuring there is a system in place that allows you to interact and engage with customers is a defining feature that allows you to build a sustainable business that doesn’t rely on aggressive sales techniques.


Create a Journey that Gets Results

If you actually review your marketing and sales at this exact moment, is there anything that’s actually effectively making customers come back for more? And we’re not talking about gimmicky tactics and one-off publicity stunts as an answer. I’m talking about creating a system and process that treats and delights your customers. A system that is predictable for your business and that uses consumer psychology to ensure customers get the right engagement at the right time in their relationship with your business.

The cherry on the top? All this can be automated and run in the background, while you can focus on the business operations. This is why we love marketing automation so much.

Gamifying your marketing is the process of making your customers want to keep engaging with your business.

How to Gamify your Marketing

When we talk about gamifying your marketing, we’re not implying you need to create and build your own video game – it can be much easier than that. In fact, there are things that anyone can implement today at no cost, that will start to encourage customers to interact and engage with your business more often.

So, what are some useful ideas to get started?

  • Start Small

The best place to start is simply offering basic rewards. This could be done digitally or as simply as a reward card that gets stamped. If customers spend a certain amount of money, or visit your shop a certain amount of times, they earn a reward.

This can quickly evolve into something that gets more personal and more advanced. Perhaps when a customer buys a certain product, it invites them to take part in a quiz, that if they complete get a chance to win a related prize.

You can learn how your customers interact and behave with your reward scheme and allow it to shape your future marketing and business operations.

  • Focus on your Marketing Goals

What do you want to achieve this month? Acquire more customers? Increase the average order value for each customer? Get more traffic to the website? Understanding what you want to achieve, can make it easy to incorporate marketing gamification that works for you.

If you want to acquire more customers, creating a game where customers get rewarded for referring their friends/colleagues to you is a great idea. This is very common in software businesses that are looking to scale quickly.

Or perhaps you want to increase the average order value for each customer. Rewarding customers for spending more would help achieve that goal.

  • Good Design, Copy and Implementation

Great ideas don’t build successful businesses. Great implementation of ideas builds successful businesses. Spending the time to ensure your marketing looks good and reflects the brand is very important. It needs to be a very smooth experience for customers to make a positive impact. Gamification that is confusing or offers a poor user experience could do more damage than good.

  • Embrace A.I. and Big Data

A.I., or artificial intelligence, is something to embrace sooner rather than later. It provides a platform to create extremely personal and effective marketing strategies at scale. It can help make your business look like it really cares about each customer and their interests/background.

Having rewards based on birthdays, or quizzes that incorporate a customer’s hometown/interests, is likely to earn more engagement and interaction, than very generic ideas.

Utilising big data and incorporating it into a machine learning environment, is something that will be a defining factor in marketing campaigns that succeed in the future and those that fail.

It doesn’t need to be expensive either, we utilise lots of software here at Bula Marketer that is built off big data and that is affordable.

  • Tell a Story

Humans love stories. We always have, and we always will. From caveman paintings to high budget Hollywood films, there is something inside all of us that is drawn to a compelling and engaging story.

Incorporating a story into your marketing will form the basis for you to encourage customers to keep coming back.

Revealing another part of the story at each part of the customer journey will help ensure your customers are interested to learn more. This can also be used to introduce customers to new products at the right time in the story.

Or it can be used to cross sell products or partner with similar brands to help tell the story.

  • Habit Forming Products

If you create a habit forming product you are likely to see exponential growth. This type of product has virality built into it and leverages psychological triggers to get customers to keep coming back.

Setting mirco commitments along the customer journey is a great way to start creating habit forming products.

Where to Start?

It’s important to utilise something that allows you to build up your own gamified marketing and sales funnel that is customised to your business and your customers. It’s important this doesn’t create more work for you. It’s important it is cost effective. It’s important that it can run in the background and doesn’t require live input from you and your team.

It’s starting to sound like too much work, right?


We’re extremely pleased to announce that we can take care of all this for our clients with our very own marketing automation software.

It utilises the best in class behavioural automation software to create an environment where you can entice and reward customers based on how they engage with your brand.

We’ve launched this in beta for a few clients and the results have been better than we could have ever expected. We’re opening it up to allow others to apply for access to it now.

We work with you to create stories and games that engage customers through the sales cycle and help incorporate this into your business model. It doesn’t matter if you are a lead gen business or e-commerce store, this is the next step in leveraging digital marketing in your business.

Get in touch today and let’s start something special.


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