Using Emojis in Email Subject Lines and Blog Content

After writing and sending hundreds of emails over the past month, many with emojis in the subject line, and many without, the data speaks for itself.

Can you guess which emails saw the best open rates? 🤔

Team Emoji won hands down! It wasn’t even close 😲

In many cases, we’ve also seen blog content perform much better in terms of engagement and conversions when we’ve included emojis.

So What Does This Mean for Your Email and Content Strategy?

If emojis can help improve open rates or content engagement that it’s definitely worth thinking about incorporating them into your marketing strategy going forward.

It’s simple but effective.

Using emojis may not work forever, but in this moment in time, they work very well. Of course, the industry and type of business will impact their effectiveness, but as a general rule of thumb, they aren’t to be underestimated.

We wouldn’t recommend squeezing as many emojis as you possibly can next time you send an email or write a blog. Instead, focus on inserting them into subject lines and content to help entice people to click or to illustrate a point. Use them wisely and don’t get carried away – but appreciate they can certainly help you improve key marketing metrics within your business.

For example, if you’re a travel company and using email marketing to promote a holiday to the Caribbean, putting emojis like 🌴, ☀ and 🌊 can illustrate the benefits of a holiday to the Caribbean quickly and effectively, before someone has even clicked on the email.

It can help you stand out in the ever overcrowded inbox as well as making blog posts look more visual and engaging.

How to Put Emojis in Email Subject Lines or Blog Content

A website we’d recommend you save is Simply search for the emoji you want to use, or select it from the recommendations and copy and pasta it in either your emails or on your blog content.

Easy as that 👍

Not all email automation software will allow you to use emojis but our software makes it easy to paste all your favourite emojis straight into the subject line.

For other tips and strategies on how to improve email open rates, or general email marketing strategies, drop us a line and we’d be happy to offer any help we can 🙂

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