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Our platform makes it easy for businesses to; launch memberships, sell courses, engage with customers, reward loyalty and much more…

Private community

  • Member sign-up for privacy and security.
  • Member profiles and timelines.
  • Groups and forum features for topic discussions.
  • Reward engagement with innovative points system.
  • Direct messaging with members.
  • Group messaging and notifications.
  • Allow members to invite their friends for virality and growth.
  • Manage your community in any way that suits you.

E-learning and courses

  • Create stunning online courses and programs.
  • Create free and/or paid courses.
  • Leverage quizzes to test knowledge.
  • Easy to use course builder, simply upload your content.
  • Integrate points system into courses and quizzes to reward engagement.
  •  Responsive e-learning pages for desktop and mobile use.
  • Course reporting.

Fun and engaging

  • Set goals, points, rewards, achievements and rankings to engage members and make it fun.
  • Build a true community by allowing members to upload their own content, talk with each other and foster a thriving online environment.
  • Integrate with the rest of your business and turn online rewards and achievements into tangible discounts and offers for members.

Your mobile app

On top of all these amazing features, our platform offers native app functionality. Intead of using the platform on a browser, let users install your app on their phone, and launch it just like any other app. Enjoy incredibly fast load times and better engagement levels.

  • Add to homescreen

    Add your app to a mobile homescreen (both Android and iOS) and launch it just like a native app.

  • Push notifications

    Keep members engaged by sending push notifications right to their phones and enjoy much higher engagement rates.

  • Super fast

    Progressive web apps offer a much superior performance on mobile over basic responsive websites.

  • Security

    PWAs work via a HTTPS connection, giving you and your users a more secure app experience.

  • Discovery

    Benefit from being discoverable online and in search engines with the ability to link to/from the app.

Integrate with all your marketing tools

With our PWA platform, you can use Zapier to integrate your app with all your existing marketing tools and business software for a seamless experience.

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