The Importance of Responsive Design

Responsive design is vital for a good user experience – especially on mobile. Responsive design ensures your content loads properly, whatever device is used. This means you can be confident users are seeing what they are supposed to and can engage with the content how you intended.

What is a PWA (progressive web app)?

The video below provides a great overview of what progressive web apps are and how they’ve come to be developed. PWAs solve a particular problem that websites alone can’t fully address – making them a bit of technology likely to get increasing attention over the coming years. The video below is from the PWA roadshow …

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Tips for Making the Most out of a Progressive Web App

Wondering how to make your progressive web app stand out? Check out this video from Adriana Jara, explaining how to make the most out of a PWA. This will help ensure you deliver the best user experience to your customers via your app.

Taking PWAs to the Next Level

PWAs are very exciting… but they can also be misunderstood. The video below provides an in-depth discussion about PWA basics, as well as more advanced strategies for getting the most out of this nifty technology.

How PWA Push Notifications Work

Push notifications are a great feature for notifying customers and users. It goes straight to their phone and has an extremely high engagement rate compared to other marketing channels. Watch the video below, which provides a simple overview of how push notifications work for PWAs.

How to Install a PWA on a Homescreen

One of the most appealing features of a PWA is the ability to be saved to a mobile homescreen, with its very own icon and loading screen (just like native apps). The video below explains how to install a progressive web app on a homescreen.