Our Story

A little bit about us...

We Love Marketing

We're a marketing company that believes in the power of meaningful and purposeful relationships.

We live and breathe marketing here at Bula Marketer and love the fact we get to work so closely with ambitious entrepreneurs and independent businesses every day. With a passion for supporting the underdogs, we aim to empower and enable businesses to achieve more, through behavioural marketing and automation.

By doing this, we hope we can play our part in creating thriving local communities that allow independent businesses to shine and flourish.

What We Believe

Not everyone will share our values – below is what we believe in, and what we stand for.

We believe marketing automation is about leveraging the tools available to scale personal and meaningful communication – it is not about mass automated messages and letting the robots take over.

We believe affordable marketing automation dramatically levels the playing field for the underdogs to fight against the big corporations.

We believe marketing should create tribes of passionate fans that religiously engage with your brand.

We believe marketing should create and nurture communities that share similar values.

We believe there isn’t a business operating today that wouldn’t benefit from marketing automation.

We believe marketing is about developing and celebrating the story of your business.

We believe marketing isn’t about getting people to read, watch or hear something – it’s about getting people to feel something.

We believe successful marketing automation is more about consumer psychology and “buyology” than it is about the software.

We believe marketing is about fighting against something and creating a movement that inspires.

We believe marketing should be personalised.

We believe marketing can help businesses leave the legacy they want to.

We believe marketing should be about meaningful communication and make you feel apart of something special.

We believe marketing automation only works when you can attract relevant leads in the first place.

We believe marketing is about forging unforgettable experiences for your tribe.

We believe marketing should take customers on a journey that educates, entertains, inspires and solves problems.

We believe marketing should always deliver value to your tribe.

We believe clever marketing automation tools and strategies make all this easy for any business to do.

Our Story

Bula Marketer was born out of a necessity to create a marketing company with a higher purpose. We felt most marketing/brand/web agencies were failing to truly help independent businesses take advantage of modern technology and proven marketing strategies.

The word "Bula" comes from Fiji. Although any travel guide will say it means "hello", talk to anyone from Fiji, and they're tell you it means so much more. It's a word that reflects the Fijian approach to community. Bula is a word that is deep rooted in Fijian culture and signifies a strong bond between one another. Bula is a plea for a meaningful relationships. It's a plea for developing real community spirit. And it's something we feel is missing in digital marketing.

Co-founder Rob spent many years living and working in remote villages in Fiji, and we can certainly say that Bula Marketer has been inspired by Fiji. The business now resides in Leeds and is proud to support independents and entrepreneurs from around the world. We're proud to have grown with our original clients and have been honoured to become the go-to marketing team for many amazing brands who are looking to achieve more.




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